Conference 2016

Nationalism, Migration and Population Change, 19-21 April 2016

ASEN Conference 2016

The ASEN Annual Conference is a 3 day programme of events, held each spring at the London School of Economics, which brings together leading academics, researchers and policy-makers from around the world to discuss some of the major challenges and issues in the field of ethnicity and nationalism.

The 2016 conference, ASEN’s 26th, focused on the relationship between nationalism, migration and population change, a deeply intertwined set of issues that not only speaks to contemporary policy debates in Western Europe and beyond, but also raises a number of broader historical and theoretical questions: How does migration and ethnic change affect the nation? Under what conditions do ethnic majorities respond with anti-immigration sentiments, populist voting or even violence? How do migrant diasporas shape nationalist movements in their home countries?

Further information about the plenary speakers is available here.A full programme is available here.

Video and audio from the plenary lectures will be available here soon.

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