Dylan O’Driscoll

ASEN Chair

Photo of Dylan O'Driscoll

Dylan was awarded a PhD from the University of Exeter in June 2014 for his thesis entitled, Throwing Water Over the Tinderbox: An Alternative for Kirkuk. The thesis develops a liberal consociational framework for Kirkuk, Iraq. The framework tackles both local as well as wider institutional issues – ranging from multi-lingual education to ministerial portfolio allocation in an effort to ensure just division of power and resources in this deeply divided society where ethnic tensions are extremely high.

For his PhD Dylan spent a year conducting fieldwork in Iraq, whilst also working as a research fellow at Salahaddin University, Erbil, Kurdish Regional Government.

Dylan joined ASEN as co-chair in June 2014. His research interests include: ethnicity and nationalism, ethnic conflicts and peace studies, minority rights, liberal consociation, self-determination, lesson learning in conflicts, federalism, Kurds, the Middle East, and Northern Ireland.