Iro Konstantinou

Seminar Series Chair/ Conference Co-Chair

Iro is a PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Warwick. Her thesis looks at the construction of the ‘new’middle classes through a neoliberal, postmodern lens. Through an ethnographic study, she explores the interplays of social and cultural capital in perpetuating structural economic inequalities. The broader aim of her research is to understand how one’s habitus affects civic and political engagement through discourses of nationality, class, gender, and race. She holds an MA in English Education, which looked at educational public policy in England.

Iro is also a member of the seminar committee at the Centre of the Study of Women and Gender (Warwick) and member of the editorial board at the Journal of Law, Social Justice and Global Development. She will be the chair of the ASEN seminar series for 2016 with the broader theme of Urban Nationalisms, which aims to contribute to the wider discussion of how urban contexts are reshaping our understanding of nationality and citizenship.