2020 Conference programme draft

8:30-9:00 Registration
9:00-10:30 Welcome Ceremony and First plenary speaker: Bikhu Parekh
10:30-10:45 Break
10:45-12:15 PANEL SESSION 1
Diaspora Communities: Long-Distance Nationalism in Situ
Kathleen Boodhai Indo-Trinidadian heritage: Toronto as a diaporic context
Jonathan Grossman Long-distance Nationalism in Authoritarian Settings
Oana Burcu Nationalism and politics among the Chinese diaspora in the UK
Liberal Nationalisms, Illiberal Citizenship
Aliz Nagy Political Practices of Illiberal Citizenship
Ranjoo Herr How Restrictive is Liberal Nationalism’s Immigration Policy?
Jan Dobbernack Multiculturalism’s Democratic Constellation
Jan Willem Duyvendak The Rise of Dutch Monoculturalism
Péter Kállai Parliamentary Representation of Minorities in Eastern-Europe
Memory and Monuments
Thomas von der Dunk Fascist heritage in multicultural Southern Tyrol
Christina Spicer Set in Stone? Monuments, National Identity & John A. Macdonald
Dorothy L. Zinn Cultural Heritage and Minorities Old and New
Jafar Ahmad How has the annual commemoration of Ashura affected, shaped and informed Shi‘a-Sunni relations in Iraq?
Taylor McConnell Anything but Yugoslav: Mnemonic Roadblocks to Multicultural Coexistence in Post-War Croatia
Rescaling Identity in Europe: Civilisationism, Self-determinism, and Multiculturalism
Nino Kemoklidze Secession, Territorial Control, and Irredentism across Eurasia
Arshad Isakjee Other Brexit Imaginaries: Openness and the crisis of liberal Britain
Paul Richardson Rescaling the border: Simulation, sovereignty and civilisationism
Francesca Zantedeschi L’unité dans la variété? Challenging the French national myth
Negotiating Multiculturalism in Eurasian States
Maria Kanal Vanishing multiculturalism. The case of the Alawites of Hatay province in Turkey.
Orkhan Valiyev Unfinished Identity Quest: Turkism, Azerbaijanism, Multiculturalism
Petros Petrikkos Ontological Security and Culture: The Manipulation of Norms in Cyprus and Lebanon through Technological Means
Challenges to Scandinavian National Identities
Johan Andersen From Exclusion to Establishment: Researching Anti-Political Establishment Parties in Scandinavia
Sergiusz Bober The perception of European migrant crisis by Danish minority in Germany and German minority in Denmark. A comparative analysis of media discourses.
Reetta Eiranen Emotions in Ambivalent Nationalisms: Conflicting Pressures of Experienced Finnishness and Swedishness in the Late 19th Century
Roald Berg The map- and fear makers: The officers and the constructing of a Norwegian national identity, 1814-1855
12:15-13:15 Lunch Break
13:15-14:45 PANEL SESSION 2
Social Perceptions of Diversity : Migration in European Nations
Simona Guglielmi National/ European identities and attitudes towards migrant integration: findings from EVS-European Values Study
Sergiusz Bober The perception of European migrant crisis by Danish minority in Germany and German minority in Denmark. A comparative analysis of media discourses.
Mariona Lladonosa Migration and national minority communities: two sides in the debate about multiculturalism and interculturalism in Catalonia
Marco Antonsich What’s in a name? Children of migrants, national belonging and the politics of naming
The Far Right: Political Identities Defined by Opposition
James Griffiths Distance from the Nation-State: The Effect of Relative Nation-State/Sub-State Attachment on Ideological Position
Martin Lukk The Distributional Question in Nationalism
Javier Carbonell The Politicization of ‘Anti-nationalism’: How are Responses to the Rise of Nationalism Being Articulated?
Connor Moreland “Cultural Marxism” as a rhetorical tool: Understanding it’s application by nationalist and populists
Round Table: From Romanticism to Populism: Minority languages in Europe in the long 20th century (1880-2020)
Joep Leerssen
Tomasz Kamusella
Luc Boeva
Francesca Zantedeschi
Hanno Brand
National integration in Russia and Hungary: historical cases
Michael Loader Living together in harmonious resentment: ethnic relations in Soviet Latvia
Alexander Titov National ‘appropriation’ of imperial lands: symbolic geography of the Russian Far East.
Szilveszter Csernus-Lukács Concilitation or paternalism? Competing nationalisms and the state in Southern Hungary in the 1860s
Dynamics of Israeli Nationalism: Cultural Phases in Multiple Fields
Miri (Miriam) Gal-Ezer Israel Art Canon: Nationalism, Modernism, Habitus and Discourse
MIRI TALMON Authenticity in Motion: Multiculturalism and Israeli Television
Yitzhak Conforti The Zionist Consciousness and the Hebrew Bible: A Cultural Dimension of Jewish Nationalism
Roman Vater Fighting for a civic nation: the “I am an Israeli” organization as a post-Zionist/post-“Canaanite” phenomenon
Education: Teaching National Consciousness
Katharine Worth Inescapable Pasts? Trauma, history education, and national consciousness in Germany and Australia
Keren Winter-Dinur Educational Design of School-Trips among Distinct Social-Group Schools in Israel.
Rowena Azada-Palacios A case for teaching national identity in post-colonial schools
CAN TAO Everyday nationalism in a Chinese high school: An ethnography
14:45-15:00 Break
15:00-16:30 PANEL SESSION 3
Indeterminate status: the Global Refugee Crisis
Thanos Koulos Nationalism and Immigration in Greece and the Netherlands: a Comparative Perspective
Naoko Hosokawa Creating “refugees” within: Challenges for multiculturalism in Japan where only 20 refugees are accepted out of 20,000 applications
Cigdem Nas Syrian refugees in Turkey: Challenge to Nationalism
nesrin ünlü Multiculturalist Challenge and Accommodation of Religious Minorities in Turkey
New Approaches in Nationalism Studies
Steven Mock Between Civic Ideal and Ethnic Reality: The Emotional Coherence of Populism and Multiculturalism
Joseph Beaden The Mind of the Nation: Re-evaluating the History of Nation Through Integrated Information Theory
Manolis Pratsinakis Beyond assimilation: the compliance – resistance theory
Isabella Gabrovsky When the Methods are Madness: Researching with Refugees in the UK
The Making of Museums
Robyn Autry Multicultural Pasts at National Museums in Washington D.C.
Andi Haxhiu The Role of National Museums in Building Civic Identities: a critical examination of Kosovo’s opportunities in overcoming ethnocentric narration of the past
Faris Kočan “Mine, Yours, Ours, No One’s”: The Story of the National Museum of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Mohona Reza Bengali Nationalism within the Modern Architectural Inception of Bangladesh, 1947-1971
Umbrin Bukan (Re)Presenting Multiculturalism in Museums: The Royal Ontario Museum
National integration in Russia: contemporary cases
Ekaterina Arutyunova Ethno-linguistic policy and situation in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia): transformations in the post-Soviet period
Matthew Blackburn Multiculturalism and managing nationalism in contemporary Russia
Konstantin Zamyatin Russian nation-building: recent modifications and possible impact
Tiago André Lopes The “Dagestani” project: the tentative birth macro-communal space in a multicultural setting
Problematising Palestinian and Syrian National Identities
Lishu Gang Conceptualizing the Unimaginable: A Case for a Palestine Citizenship
Magdalena Pycinska Contradictory policies of cultural containment in Israel and Palestine, within the Israeli settler colonial perspective
Ozlem Erden Converting Nationality? Syrian Students’ Perceptions of Nationality and Citizenship
Rahaf Aldoughli Investigating the Role of Nationalism in Maintaining the “Survival” of the Ba’ath State in Syria post 2011
Roundtable: Publication in Nationalism Studies
16:30-16.45 Break
16:45-18:15 Plenary speaker: Christian Joppke
9:00-10:30 Plenary speaker: Nira Yuval-Davis
10:30-10:45 ASEN Annual General Meeting
10:45-11:00 Break
11:00-12:30 PANEL SESSION 4
Articulations of National and Ethnic Plurality in Spain and its Surrounds
Mateo Ballester Rodríguez Accommodation of ethnic and national plurality in Spain: Patriotism of Diversity
Kilian Wirthwein Multi-Level identification in Plurinational States: The case of Spain
Adam Holesch The application of Article 155 in the Spanish “State of Autonomies”
Guillermo Reyes Pascual The effect of distance and the articulation of strong regional/national identities. A Comparative Analysis of Castilla-La Mancha, Andalusia, and the Canary Islands
Populism, Multiculturalism and Internationalism in Eurasia: Negotiating Empire and its Legacies
Akihiro Iwashita Japan’s Foreign Policy and its Populism: The Case of Russia, China and Korea
David Wolff Populism vs. Multiculturalism in a Colonial Setting: Harbin, China, 1895-1955
Natasha Kuhrt Russia: multiculturalism, nationalism and the civilizational discourse
Precious Chatterje-Doody Russia reports Western voting: transnational nationalisms versus multiculturalism
Modernity, National Resources and Climate Change
Andreas Pickel The Climate Crisis as a Nationalizing Mechanism: Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives
Daniele Conversi Ernest Gellner in the Anthropocene. Modernity, nationalism and climate change
Ingrid A. Medby Articulating an Arctic State Identity for Iceland: At the Confluence of Oceanic Currents and Current Affairs
Raquel Ojeda-Garcia Rights over Natural Resources in Conflict Areas: the Role of NGO’s in the Case of Western Sahara
Minority Rights in India
Heewon Kim Public policies, political institutions and religious minorities: A case of India
Maitreyee Shilpa Kishor The Ayodhya Verdict: A Discourse Analytical Approach to Hindu Nationalism in India
Thomas Gidney The Gidney Club: Anglo-Indian cosmopolitanism during the British Raj
Idreas Khandy Nationalism as a power relation: India’s paradox in Kashmir
Nationalist Place-Making: City Cases
Enno Maessen Negotiating nationalism: place-making processes of social institutions in central Istanbul (1960-1980)
Fabrice Langrognet Rethinking multiculturalism through microhistory: a Paris example from the early 20th century
Milou van Hout On cityness, nationality, and plural belonging: Negotiating multi-nationality in the post-imperial Adriatic borderland.
Malena Müller “País de todas las sangres” – the country of every blood
Book panel: Kosovo Divided:Ethnicity, Nationalism and the Struggle for a State
Maruis Calu
12:30-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-15:00 PANEL SESSION 5
Minority Nationalisms in the West
Durukan Imrie-Kuzu Multiculturalism and Minority Nationalism: The Case of Corsica
Talita Ilacqua Negotiating Identities in the French Basque country (1789–1870)
Antoine Bilodeau Immigration and the Imagined Community: Province-wide Norm or Local-level Realities in Quebec?
Paolo Perri European stateless nationalisms facing the challenge of multiculturalism. Insights from Scotland, Catalonia, Basque Country and Flanders
Migration, Minority Groups and the Politics of Multiculturalism in Japan and Northeast Asia
Sachi Takaya The politics of local multiculturalism in the age of superdiversity and resurgent nationalism in Japan
Seiko Mimaki Challenges and Possibilities of “Multicultural Japan” – The Emergence of Minority Representatives in Japan’s Political Landscape
Alexander Bukh Territorial Disputes in Northeast Asia: Questioning the “national consciousness” paradigm
Fumiko Takahashi Cultural nationalism in multicultural Japan
Book Panel: Struggle over Borders
Pieter De Wilde
Disputing ‘One China’: Cases from Hong Kong and Taiwan
Lixuan Zhang The Fragility of Multiculturalism under Authoritarian Nation-state: The Failure of ‘One Country Two System’
Malgorzata Osinska One country, two identities. In search of Hong Kong’s identity
Andong Li Encountering another nation in ‘One China’: traveling to Taiwan as a nation-making experience
Yao-Tai Li ‘I was discriminated against because I was seen as PRC-Chinese’: The negotiation between ethnicity and nationalism among Taiwanese migrants in Australia
Representing the Nation in Media Discourses
Elena Llorca Analising the legal message online in the misinformation age
Dyala Hamzah The New Arab Wo/Man: Scouting and Ethnicities in Mid-1930s Iraqi Arab Nationalist Publications
Martin Beckstein Reclaiming the Nation From Our Pre-multiculturalist Selves
Anja Benedikt Cultural Boundary Drawings of German National Identity in Migrant Integration Discourses
Book Panel: Borderline Citizen: Dispatches from the outskirts of nationhood
Robin Hemley
15:00-15:15 Break
15:15-16:45 PANEL SESSION 6
Questions of Multiculturalism in Hungary and Central Europe
Robert Sata The end of multiculturalism – the rise of nationalist populism
Andrea Carteny The Szekler question in Transylvania, as sample of oppressed minority and people after Trianon
Laura Wise Buyers’ Remorse: Re-opening Political Settlement in the Presevo Valley
Cvete Koneska Ethnicising Foreign Policy: Consociationalism and resolving conflict with third parties
Beyond the Melting Pot: Ethnicity in North America
Jaakko Heiskanen Melting the Pot: The Rise of ‘Ethnicity’ in the United States
Reynolds Scott-Childress The Oxymoronic Nation: Liberal Individualism and the Invention of Color Race and Ethnicity in the United States, 1880-1920
Yesim Bayar Between Nationalism and Multiculturalism: Some Reflections on the Armenian Experience in Turkey and Canada
Muslim Minorities in Europe
Nasar Meer Liberal citizenship, pluralism and Muslims in Europe
Julian Gopffarth Spiritualising Reason, Rationalising Spirit. Ex-, Practicing, and Converted Muslim Public Intellectuals in the German Far-Right
Olivia Till Laïcité bien comprise vs. Laïcité compromise: Senegalese Muslims in France
Sebahattin Abdurrahman The Greek Legal System and ‘Regional Multiculturalism’: The Case of the Western Thrace Minority
The Interplay of Multiculturalism and National Identity in Southeast Asian States
Helen Mu Hung Ting ‘Muscular Multiculturalism’ in the face of Malay Ethno-nationalism in Malaysia
Alisa Santikarn Impacts of Colonialism on the Formation of a Thai National Identity
Runrun He How Sibe Ethnic Identity Was Constructed in Multicultural Society after 1949
Evi Sutrisno The Dynamics of the “Natives” and “Newcomers” in West Kalimantan, Indonesia: Contesting “Imagined Communities”, Nationalism and Multiculturalism.
Questioning Perceptions of National Belonging with Discourse Analysis
Silvia Frota “Brazil above everything, God above everyone”: nationalism and belonging through the Brazilian new far-right government lenses
Andrea Carlà “Us vs them”? Nationalism and diversity in Northern Ireland
Idil Akinci Discursive constructions of national identity in the Gulf States: ‘Deserving citizens’ and ‘undeserving migrants’
Jan Rock Cataloguing the nation: National canons and admission to citizenship in the Netherlands and Flanders (2006-2019)
Multicultural Conceptions of National Identity in Post-Colonial States
Teruyuki Tsuji Toward the “Land of Beginning”: Eric Williams and Narratives of Creole Nationalism
José Sobral The rhetoric of multiculturalism and definitions of national identity in Portugal
16:45-17:00 Break
17:00-18:30 Closing Roundtable: ASEN and Nationalism Studies Programme anniversary