The Ruritanian Editorial Guidelines

The Ruritanian is the new blog of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism. We are interested in everything to do with nationalism and ethnicity, from exploring classic theories to the impact of nationalism on current events and everywhere in between.

We want the Ruritanian to be a place for the exchange, development, and promotion of ideas in nationalism and ethnicity studies in a less formal setting than a journal. Whether you want to quickly respond to a recently-published book, look for comment on ideas you’re developing, want to comment on recent developments, or talk about an article you’ve written.

The readership will be primarily academics interested in the study of nationalism and ethnicity and should be pitched accordingly, but the style of writing can be less formal than a journal. We welcome plain English!

We are particularly looking for

  • Topical/newsworthy events being explained
  • New and interesting research
  • Explanations and new applications of classic theories
  • Rapid responses to new journal articles, books, etc

Articles should normally be between 500 and 1,000 words, although we are flexible. If you would like to use references, we would prefer either hyperlinks to where the referenced material can be found online or the Harvard style. We can publish pictures, but they must either be in the public domain, under a permissive licence like Creative Commons, or you must own the copyright.

Final decisions about whether to publish an article or not rest with the blog’s editor, although we will of course work with you to develop anything you wish to contribute.