10th ASEN Conference: Nationalism and the State

Date(s) - 23/03/2000
All Day

Old Theatre, Old Building, LSE

The 10th ASEN Annual Conference was titled ‘Nationalism and the State’. It took place on the 24th of March 2000 at the Old Theatre, Old Building, LSE.

Download the 10th Annual Conference programme.


Topics included:

  • Has the state forged the modern nation or have modern states been shaped by already existing nations?
  • What recent transformations has the nation-state undergone and where are these developments leading?

Plenary speakers included:

John Breuilly: The rise of the nation-state

Steven Grosby: The metaphysical element of nationality and its necessity and danger

James Mayall: Territory, statehood and nationalist pathology

Brendan OLeary: Nationalism and the state: the case of British/Irish agreement

Paul Lalor: Israeli-Palestinian interactions: Olso and beyond

Sumantra Bose: Kashmir: sources of conflict, dimensions of peace

Anthony Giddens:The future of the nation-state


Conference Chair: Effie Fokas

Co-Chairs: Brendan O’Duffy and Jennifer Jackson-Preece