20th ASEN Conference: Nation and Charisma

Date(s) - 12/04/2010 - 14/04/2010
All Day

Topics included:

  • Charismatic Authority and Oratory
  • Charisma, Cultural Nationalism and the Arts
  • Religious Charisma and Secular Nationalism
  • Iconography and Personality Cults
  • Popular Mobilisation vs. Elite Manipulation
  • Charismatic Leadership from Above and Grass-root Movements from Below
  • Political Transformation of Charisma

Plenary speakers included:

Emeritus Professor David Martin (LSE); Professor of History Lucy Riall (Birkbeck College, UoL); Emeritus Professor Lord Desai (LSE); Professor MacGregor Knox (LSE); Professor Elleke Boehmer (Oxford); Professor Erik-Jan Zurcher (Leiden)

Organised by: Margit Wunsch and Vivian Ibrahim