21st ASEN Conference: Forging the Nation: Performance and Ritual in the Reproduction of Nations

Date(s) - 04/04/2011 - 06/04/2011
All Day

Topics included:

  • The arts (e.g. fine art, music, performing arts and fashion)
  • Authenticity, appropriation and cultural ownership of performances and rituals
  • Social spaces (e.g. the built environment, architecture and urban planning, public spaces such as museums, pubs and cafes)
  • Crowds and collective experiences and participation (e.g. sport, dance)
  • Social actors (e.g. elites and masses, practitioners and audiences)
  • Technology, telecommunications and change (e.g. print media, television, internet)
  • Exporting the nation (e.g. tourism, food, drink and world cinema).

Plenary speakers included:

Professor Anthony D. Smith (LSE); Professor Jeffrey Alexander (Yale); Professor Terence Ranger (Oxford); Professor Carol Duncan (Ramapo); Dr Timothy Edensor (Manchester Metropolitan); Dr Jon Fox (Bristol)

Organised by: Barak Levy-Shilat and Rachel Tsang