23rd ASEN Conference: Nationalism & Revolution

Date(s) - 08/04/2013 - 10/04/2013
All Day

Topics included:

  • Theories of nationalist revolution
  • Class conflict, nationalism and revolution
  • Popular nationalism and revolution
  • Nationalist ideology and revolution
  • Nationalist ideology and counter-revolution
  • Elite nationalism and revolution
  • Nationalism and the great revolutions (English, French, Russian, Chinese)
  • Revolutions and national liberation movements
  • Revolution and the diffusion of nationalism
  • Internationalism, nationalism and revolution
  • The art and media (printed, visual, etc.) of nationalism and revolution
  • Nationalism, revolution and the collapse of communism.

Plenary speakers included:

Charles King (Georgetown University), Krishan Kumar (University of Virginia), John Lonsdale (University of Oxford), Arthur Waldron (University of Pennsylvania) and Sami Zubaida (Birkbeck, University of London). Plenary videos are available on YouTube.

Organised by: Pheroze Unwalla