25th ASEN Conference: Nationalism: Diversity and Security

Date(s) - 20/04/2015 - 22/04/2015
All Day

Topics included:

  • Is diversity a problem for nation-states?
  • Are national minorities inherently a security concern?
  • Do national minorities generate new forms of nationalism?
  • What role does citizenship play when it comes to security and/or national minorities?
  • Do national minority policies help or hinder security?
  • Is multiculturalism necessary for security in diverse nation-states?
  • Why do particular immigrant groups come to be regarded as a cultural or an economic or a political threat?
  • Is statelessness the ultimate form of insecurity? What is the relationship between statelessness and nationalism?
  • Is immigration policy a manifestation of nationalism?
  • Do diaspora communities reinforce nationalism in both host and origin communities?
  • How do transnational organizations such as the UN and the EU affect nationalism?
  • How do they affect perceptions of and strategies for national security?
  • Are human rights compatible with nationalism?
  • Is sovereignty still a valid concept?
  • How does it relate to the concept of national security?
  • How do nation-states claim responsibility for co-nationals in other states?
  • Can this create problems of national security?
  • Can nationalism ever be truly international?
  • Must the security of one nation-state be secured at the cost of the security of others?

Plenary speakers included:

Daphne Halikiopolou (Reading), Christopher Hill (Cambridge), Eric Kaufmann (Birkbeck), Joep Leerssen (Amsterdam), Iver Neumann (LSE), Liliana Riga (Edinburg), Sofia Vasilopoulou (York), and Catherine Wihtol de Wenden (Sciences Po).

Also featuring workshops with: Marco Antonsich (Loughborough), Jennifer Jackson-Preece (LSE), and Joep Leerssen (Amsterdam).

Organised by Maria Norris and Joseph Downing.

2015 ASEN Conference Programme.