26th ASEN Conference: Nationalism, Migration and Population Change

Date(s) - 19/04/2016 - 21/04/2016
All Day

Topics included:

  • Migration and long-distance nationalism
  • Immigration and populist nationalism
  • Emigration and nationalism
  • Return migration
  • Shifts in the conceptualisation of national identity in response to immigrant diversity
  • Demographic engineering and pronatalism
  • Immigrant societies and nation-building
  • Policies of inclusion (assimilation/integration)
  • Immigration, national identity and multiculturalism
  • Differential ethnic population growth and conflict
  • Sons of the Soil conflicts
  • Internal migration, urbanisation and ethnic conflict
  • Warfare, boundary making and population movements
  • Banal nationalism, migration and the language of the media
  • The relationship between old (established) and new minorities

Plenary speakers included:

Milica Z. Bookman (Saint Josephs University), Peter Gatrell (University of Manchester), Matthew Goodwin (University of Kent), Eric Kaufmann (Birkbeck College, University of London), Anna Triandafyllidou (European University Institute)

Also featuring workshops with:

Dr Gabriella Elgenius, Prof. Oded Haklai and film director Guy Smallman

Organised by Peny Sotiropoulou and Alessia Dalceggio

2016 ASEN Conference Programme