Round Table on Nationalism and Crisis


Part of the 2021 ASEN Conference on Nationalism and Crisis. 1800UTC: Round Table with Lenka Buštíková, Judith Byfield, Dan Slater, and Miguel Centeno Global perspectives on nationalism and crisis 1925UTC: Conference close Join on Facebook Live or YouTube Live. Members and conference pass holders will receive emails to join on Zoom.

Quantitative measurement of ethnic and national identity


We bring the authors of an exchange on 'Quantitative Measurement of Ethnic and National Identity' recently published in Nations and Nationalism together to discuss their writings - Daniel Bochsler, Elliott Green, Erin Jenne, Harris Mylonas, and Andreas Wimmer, with Tamara Pavasović Trošt as discussant. Join us on Facebook Live or YouTube Live - members will receive […]

Where’s sport in (researching) the nation?


Following a lengthy discussion on Twitter debating the peculiar absence of sport related topics from both big international Nationalism Studies conferences as well as the rather peripheral role the topic has been having within leading academic journals in the field, ASEN is delighted to present the first of two events looking at nationalism and sport […]

Race and Nation


What is race, and what is the relationship between race and nation? How have differences in human physical appearance been interpreted, in different human societies, and how have they influenced social and national alignment/exclusion in time and space? Wow can the academy a) contribute to a better understanding of the power of the concept of […]

Ethnographic Methods and the Study of Nationalism


What are the advantages and challenges of studying nationalism and national identity through ethnographic methods? What does it get at, and what might it miss? Continuing ASEN’s interest in diverse methodological approaches to nationalism, in this webinar four scholars of nationalism who have used ethnographic methods in their research explore and reflect on these issues. […]

The evolution of nationalisms


Will Kerr's new book, Darwinian Social Evolution and Social Change: The Evolution of Nationalisms introduces the value of a Darwinian social evolutionary approach to understanding social change. We focus on how Will applies that approach to the study of nationalism. Darwinian Social Evolution and Social Change: The Evolution of Nationalisms is published by Palgrave Macmillan […]

The transnational circulation of digital nationalism


We join the authors of the forthcoming Nations and Nationalism themed section on 'the transnational circulation of digital nationalism' to discuss their papers. Join us live on Facebook or YouTube; as ever, members will receive an invitation to join in on Zoom. The papers are all #openaccess and so can be read free of charge. […]

Russian Nationalism and Russian Foreign Policy


How does Russian nationalism affect Russian foreign policy, and in turn how is Russian nationalism affected by Russian foreign policy? We answer these questions and more with Dr Sofia Tipaldou and Dr Anastasia Shesterinina in our last event of 2021, live on Facebook and YouTube. As ever, members will be emailed a link to join […]

VOX: The Rise of the Spanish Populist Radical Right


We sit down with the authors of the definitive new book on VOX, José Rama, Lisa Zanotti, Stuart J. Turnbull-Dugarte, and Andrés Santana, to examine a new, populist radical right party that has emerged in Spain, a country thought to have been immunised against the far right by the experiences and memories of the Franco […]

The Symbolic State


Karlo Basta's new book, The Symbolic State: Minority Recognition, Majority Backlash, and Secession in Multinational Countries, is a comprehensive re-examination of multinational state politics through the lens of symbolic institutions, covering cases such as Canada, Spain, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia. We sit down with Karlo to discuss the book and its ideas live on Facebook and YouTube; […]

Sikh Nationalism

We sit down with Gurharpal Singh and Giorgio Shani to discuss their new book, Sikh Nationalism: From a Dominant Minority to an Ethno-religious diaspora, along with John Hutchinson, Atsuko Ichijo, and Ian Talbot as discussants. Join us on Facebook Live or YouTube Live; members will receive an email to join in on the Zoom call. […]

IWD2022: #BreakTheBias (in Social Science)

To mark International Women's Day 2022, ASEN Vice-President Daphne Halikiopoulou sits down with Petra Guasti, Anna Triandafyllidou, Rose de Geus, Erin Jenne, and Liz Carter to discuss equality in academia in general and in the social sciences in particular, what progress has been made, and what is still to be done to #BreakTheBias. Join us […]