2020 Membership


A year’s membership of ASEN including online access to Nations and Nationalism and Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism (with optional hard copies). Membership runs for the calendar year.

The student option is only for people currently registered as students at educational establishments.


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An annual ASEN Membership includes:

  • Access to our two journals Nations and Nationalism and Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism (with optional print copies).
  • Access to the ASEN Members Directory, designed to help facilitate collaboration and networking based on shared research interests.
  • Discounted access to the ASEN annual conference.
  • A subscription to the ASEN e-newsletter (featuring information about the latest events, publications and job opportunities in the field of ethnicity and nationalism studies).

Please note:

ASEN Membership runs for the calendar year (January-December). Starting this year, membership will be automatically renewed every year, in case you wish to opt out, send an email to asen@asen.ac.uk. Those who sign up to the journal throughout the year (and who opt in for print copies) will receive back issues for that year.