Conference 2023: Nationalism and Multiculturalism


Please scroll down to see the day-by-day schedule. Clicking on the name of a panel will take you to the abstracts for that panel.

The number in each panel session indicates the room that the panel takes place in. For instance, A2 would be in room 2, and C5 would be in C5, and so on.

All events take place in the Stewart Mason Building at the University of Loughborough except for the conference dinner, which takes place at Tarboush.

2nd April

1630 – Gellner Lecture
The Ernest Gellner Lecture traditionally takes places on the eve of the ASEN conference. This year, it will be given by Andrew Wilson on the subject of Ukraine at War: Baseline Identity and Social Construction.  More information is available on the event’s page. We invite you to join us for a reception after the lecture.

3rd April

1000-1010 – Conference Welcome

1010-1130 – Plenary 1: Michael Billig – Banal Nationalism and Banal Internationalism

1130-1300 – Panel session A

A1 – National education 1
A2 – Migrant integration and acculturation
A3 – Migration, exclusion and racism
A4 – Multinationalism and multiculturalism

1400-1530 – Panel session B

B1 – Nationalist discourse
B2 – Ethnic and religious identities
B3 – War and Ukraine
B4 – National identity and media

1530-1600 – Break

1600-1730 – Panel session C

C1 – Gender
C2 – Minority rights
C3 – Far right and populism
C4 – Policy and political actions

4th April

1000-1130 – Plenary 2: Vincent Martigny – The French identity turn: Nationalism, Multiculturalism and Republicanism in contemporary France

1130-1200 – Break

1200-1330 – Panel session D

D1 – Citizenship
D2 – Nation building
D3 – Multiculturalism, interculturalism and cosmopolitanism
D4 – Global perspectives

1430-1600 – Plenary 3: Marco Antonsich – The ‘other’ face of the nation – counter-narratives of national belonging among racialised Italians

1600-1630 – Break

1630-1800 – Panel session E

E1 – Digital and social media
E2 – Theorisation
E3 – Ethnicity and nationalism

1900 – Conference dinner

5th April

0930-1100 – Panel session F

F1 – National belonging
F2 – History
F3 – Media, culture and nationalism
F4 – Colonialism and post-colonialism

1100-1130 – Break

1130-1300 – Panel session G

G1 – Diversity
G2 – National education 2
G3 – Indigenous peoples and the nation

1400-1530 – Plenary 3: Tariq Modood and Sivamohan Valluvan in conversation

1530-1545 – Closing