Past Conferences

26th Conference:Nationalism, Migration and Population Change (2016)

Topics included:Migration and long-distance nationalism;Immigration and populist nationalism;Emigration and nationalism;Return migration; Shifts in the conceptualisation of national identity in response to immigrant diversity;Demographic engineering and pronatalism;Immigrant societies and nation-building;Policies of inclusion (assimilation/integration);Immigration, national identity and multiculturalism;Differential ethnic population growth and conflict;Sons of the Soil conflicts; Internal migration, urbanisation and ethnic conflict;Warfare, boundary making and population movements;Banal nationalism, migration and the language of the media;The relationship between old (established) and new minorities

Plenary speakers included:Milica Z. Bookman (Saint Josephs University), Peter Gatrell (University of Manchester), Matthew Goodwin (University of Kent), Eric Kaufmann (Birkbeck College, University of London), Anna Triandafyllidou (European University Institute)

Also featuring workshops with: Dr Gabriella Elgenius, Prof. Oded Haklai and film director Guy Smallman

Organised by Peny Sotiropoulou and Alessia Dalceggio

2016 ASEN Conference Programme

25th Conference: Nationalism: Diversity & Security (2015)

Topics included: Is diversity a problem for nation-states?Are national minorities inherently a security concern? Do national minorities generate new forms of nationalism? What role does citizenship play when it comes to security and/or national minorities? Do national minority policies help or hinder security? Is multiculturalism necessary for security in diverse nation-states? Why do particular immigrant groups come to be regarded as a cultural or an economic or a political threat? Is statelessness the ultimate form of insecurity? What is the relationship between statelessness and nationalism? Is immigration policy a manifestation of nationalism? Do diaspora communities reinforce nationalism in both ‘host’ and ‘origin’ communities? How do transnational organizations such as the UN and the EU affect nationalism? How do they affect perceptions of and strategies for national security? Are human rights compatible with nationalism? Is sovereignty still a valid concept? How does it relate to the concept of national security? How do nation-states claim responsibility for co-nationals in other states? Can this create problems of national security? Can nationalism ever be truly international? Must the security of one nation-state be secured at the cost of the security of others?

Plenary speakers included: Daphne Halikiopolou (Reading), Christopher Hill (Cambridge), Eric Kaufmann (Birkbeck), Joep Leerssen (Amsterdam), Iver Neumann (LSE), Liliana Riga (Edinburg), Sofia Vasilopoulou (York), and Catherine Wihtol de Wenden (Sciences Po).

Also featuring workshops with: Marco Antonsich (Loughborough), Jennifer Jackson-Preece (LSE), and Joep Leerssen (Amsterdam).

Organised by Maria Norris and Joseph Downing.

2015 ASEN Conference Programme.

24th Conference: Nationalism & Belonging (2014)

Topics included: How national belonging is ascribed and cultivated; The role of symbols and rituals in national belonging; The process by which individuals and groups construct their belonging to nations; How states use claims about national belonging to define their communities; The examination of forms of diaspora and kin nationalism; How transnational communities maintain a sense of belonging across space and time; How migrant and diaspora communities construct new ways of belonging; How national belonging is responding to alternative, non-national forms of attachment; The role of supra-national and sub-national forces in redefining belonging; The relationship between national belonging and cosmopolitanism/post-nationalism; How possible shifts in the centrality of national belonging in the contemporary world affect the study of nationalism.

Plenary speakers included: Gregory Jusdanis (Ohio State), Thomas Hylland Eriksen (Oslo), Sheila Croucher (Miami University), Alain Dieckhoff (Sciences Po), Bo Strath (Helsinki) and William Callahan (LSE). Plenary videos are available on YouTube.

Organised by: Ellie Knott and Joseph Downing.

23rd Conference: Nationalism & Revolution (2013)

Topics included: Theories of nationalist revolution; Class conflict, nationalism and revolution; Popular nationalism and revolution; Nationalist ideology and revolution; Nationalist ideology and counter-revolution; Elite nationalism and revolution; Nationalism and the ‘great’ revolutions (English, French, Russian, Chinese); Revolutions and national liberation movements; Revolution and the diffusion of nationalism; Internationalism, nationalism and revolution; The art and media (printed, visual, etc.) of nationalism and revolution; Nationalism, revolution and the collapse of communism.

Plenary speakers included: Charles King (Georgetown University), Krishan Kumar (University of Virginia), John Lonsdale (University of Oxford), Arthur Waldron (University of Pennsylvania) and Sami Zubaida (Birkbeck, University of London). Plenary videos are available on YouTube.

Organised by: Pheroze Unwalla

22nd Conference: Nationalism, Ethnicity and Boundaries (2012)

Topics included: Partition, succession and irredentism; The legality of boundaries and citizenship rules; Boundary surveillance and enforcement; Border controls, passports and identity documents; Territorial and non-territorial sub-national claims; Social and symbolic boundaries and everyday practices; Symbolic boundaries and identity formation; The mechanisms of boundary formation, transgression and change; Interactions between physical and symbolic boundaries.

Plenary speakers included: Rogers Brubaker (UCLA); Miguel Centeno (Princeton); Mary Fulbrook (UCL); Richard Jenkins (Sheffield); Michele Lamont (Harvard); Wendy Pullan (Cambridge); Workshops: Jon Fox and Michael Banton. Plenary videos are available on YouTube.

Organised by: Jennifer Jackson and Lina Molokotos-Liederman

21st Conference: Forging the Nation: Performance and Ritual in the Reproduction of Nations (2011)

Topics included: The arts (e.g. fine art, music, performing arts and fashion) ; Authenticity, appropriation and cultural ownership of performances and rituals ; Social spaces (e.g. the built environment, architecture and urban planning, public spaces such as museums, pubs and cafes) ; Crowds and collective experiences and participation (e.g. sport, dance) ; Social actors (e.g. elites and masses, practitioners and audiences) ; Technology, telecommunications and change (e.g. print media, television, internet) ; Exporting the nation (e.g. tourism, food, drink and ‘world cinema’).

Plenary speakers included: Professor Anthony D. Smith (LSE); Professor Jeffrey Alexander (Yale); Professor Terence Ranger (Oxford); Professor Carol Duncan (Ramapo); Dr Timothy Edensor (Manchester Metropolitan); Dr Jon Fox (Bristol)

Organised by: Barak Levy-Shilat and Rachel Tsang

20th Conference: Nation and Charisma (2010)

Topics included: Charismatic Authority and Oratory; Charisma, Cultural Nationalism and the Arts; Religious Charisma and Secular Nationalism; Iconography and Personality Cults; Popular Mobilisation vs. Elite Manipulation; Charismatic Leadership from Above and Grass-root Movements from Below; Political Transformation of Charisma.

Plenary speakers included: Emeritus Professor David Martin (LSE); Professor of History Lucy Riall (Birkbeck College, UoL); Emeritus Professor Lord Desai (LSE); Professor MacGregor Knox (LSE); Professor Elleke Boehmer (Oxford); Professor Erik-Jan Zurcher (Leiden)

Organised by: Margit Wunsch and Vivian Ibrahim

19th Conference: Nationalism & Globalisation (2009)

Topics included: Conflicting or complementary phenomena?; Nationalism and global political conflict; Global migration patterns and national identities; Globalisation and the emergence of new forms of nationalism; The impact of globalisation on national culture; Nationalism versus supranationalism; Pan-nationalism.

Plenary speakers included: Stephen Castles (Oxford); John Hall (McGill); Michael Keating (Aberdeen); Stephanie Lawson (Macquarie); Juergen Osterhammel (University of Kostanz); John Sidel (LSE)

Organised by: Daphne Halikiopoulou and Sofia Vasilopoulou

18th Conference: Nationalism, East and West: Civic and Ethnic Conceptions of Nationhood (2008)

Topics included: Civic and Ethnic Aspects of Nation Formation; Is Nationalism a European Phenomenon? ; Alternatives to Civic and Ethnic Nationalism; Experiences of Historical Migrant Nations; Citizenship and Immigration; Multiculturalism.

Plenary speakers included Dr. Oliver Zimmer (Oxford) ; Professor Bernard Yack (Brandeis); Professor Frank Dikotter (University of Hong Kong); Dr. Nicola Miller (UCL); Baron Bhikhu Parekh (Hull); Professor Paul Gilroy (KCL).

Organised by: Eva-Maria Asari, Tobias Eule and Danielle Hemple.

17th Conference: The Dark Face of Nationalism: Violence, Extremism and the Nation (2007)

Topics included: Fascism; Revolution; Racism and Xenophobia; Terrorism and Fundamentalism; Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing.

Plenary speakers included: Paul Bew; Roger Eatwell; Monserrat Guibernau; Mark Juergensmeyer; Carolyn Marvin; Peter Van Der Veer.

Organised by: Daphne Halikiopoulou and Steven Mock.

16th Conference: Nations and their Pasts: Representing the Past, Building the Future (2006)

Topics included: Constructing and Changing National Pasts; Myths and Memories of the Nation; New Nations and their Pasts; National Pasts and War Memories, Nations as National Heritage,; Present Representations of the National Past; Music, Art, Literature and Monuments.

Plenary speakers included: Stefan Berger; Terence Ranger; Yael Zerubavel; Robert Gildea; Sebastian Conrad; David Brading.

Organised by: Susana Carvalho and Francois Gemenne.

15th Conference: Nation and Empire (2005)

Topics included: Ancient Empire; Myths and Memories of Empire; The American Empire and Post-Imperialism; Empire and Representation – Art and Image.

Plenary speakers included: Selim Deringil; Peter Heather; Geoffrey Hosking; Dominic Lieven; Michael Mann; Alexander Motyl.

14th Conference: The Nationalism Debate (2004)

Topics included: Theories of ethno-symbolism; Nationalism in America; Globalisation; History and historicity; Symbols and monuments; Zionism; Ethnic and national identities.

Plenary speakers included: Professor John Breuilly; Professor Walker Connor; Professor Steven Grosby; Professor Eric Hobsbawm; Professor Anthony D Smith; Professor Pierre van den Berghe; Professor Martin Bulmer.

Organised by: Atsuko Ichijo and Gordana Uzelac.

13th Conference: Nationalism and Language (2003)

Topics included: Is linguistic nationalism predominantly European?; Is globalisation making national languages redundant?

Plenary speakers included: Dr. Joshua A. Fishman – Nationalism and Language Reconsidered; Dr. Erica Benner – The Legacy of Herder; Dr. David Aberbach – The Hebrew Bible and National Poetry; Dr. Paul R. Brass -Language and Elite Politics in South Asia; Dr. Cathie Carmichael -Language Politics in the Balkans; Dr. Philip Schlesinger – The Babel of Europe.

Organised by David Cashaback and Tristan James Mabry.

12th Conference: Nationalism and Human Rights (2002)

Topics included: How can a doctrine based on the supremacy of the nation take due account of universal human rights?; The historical, theoretical and normative debates surrounding the issue of human rights and nationalism; The ways in which human rights violations resulting from nationalist conflict can be prevented and controlled.

Plenary speakers included: Michael Freeman; Nira Yuval-Davies; Neil Melvin; Will Kymlicka ; John Hall; Fred Halliday.

Organised by: Jennifer Jackson Preece and Richard Mole.

11th Conference: Territory and Nation (2001)

Plenary speakers included: Jan Penrose; David Lowenthal; Adrian Hastings; Mark Bassin; Jacob Landau; Walker Conner.

Organised by: Joji Kijima and Esta Bulut

10th Conference: Nationalism and the State (2000)

Topics included: Has the state forged the modern nation or have modern states been shaped by already existing nations?; What recent transformations has the nation-state undergone and where are these developments leading?

Plenary speakers included: John Breuilly – The rise of the nation-state; Steven Grosby – The metaphysical element of nationality and its necessity and danger; James Mayall – Territory, statehood and nationalist pathology ; Brendan O’Leary – Nationalism and the state: the case of British/Irish agreement; Paul Lalor – Israeli-Palestinian interactions: Olso and beyond; Sumantra Bose – Kashmir: sources of conflict, dimensions of peace; Anthony Giddens – The future of the nation-state

Organised by: Effie Fokas

9th Conference: Nationalism and War (1999)

Topics included: Historical Perspectives on War and Nationalism; Wars of National Liberation and Decolonisation; The Contemporary Context of War and Nationalism

Plenary speakers included: Prof. Lawrence Freedman; Prof. Ali Mazrui; Prof. Donald Horowitz

Organised by: James Mills

8th Conference: Imagining the nation (1998)

Topics included: Why do we speak of imagining nation?; Why did ethnic history and the cult of authenticity become so popular?; How have intellectuals and artists portrayed the nation and what kinds of depictions have had most resonance for ‘the masses’; And why does the nation need to be continually narrated and celebrated?

Plenary speakers included: Prof. Raymond Pearson (University of Ulster) – ‘Imagining, imaging and Imagineering of the nation; Prof. John Hutchinson (Griffith University) -Romanticism, conflict and ethnic revivals; Prof. Anthony D. Smith (LSE) -The nation as communion; Dr. Michael Billig (University of Loughborough) -Banal aspects of nationalism; Prof. William Vaughan (Birkbeck) – Nature and nationalism; Prof. Nachman Ben-Yahuda (Hebrew University) -Archaeology and national identity

Organised by: Atsuko Ichijo

7th Conference: Nationalism and Democracy (1997)

Topics included: Are democracy and nationalism natural allies or troubled rivals in the competition for human loyalties?; To what extent has the revolutionary legacy shaped their relationship? ; Is the failure of democracy the precondition for aggressive nationalism, and can liberal democracy be realised, and minority rights secured, without some form of nationalism?

Plenary speakers included: Dr David Miller from Nuffield College, Oxford,; Dr John Schwarzmantel from the University of Leeds; Professor Michael Mann from the University of California, LA; Professor David Welsh from the University of Cape Town; Professor Yael Tamir from Tel Aviv University ; Sammy Smooha from the University of Haifa

Organised by: Joanna Michlic-Coren

6th Conference: Nationalism and religion (1996)

Topics included: The nature and pedigree of ‘chosen people’ and holy nationalisms; The importance of sacred homelands; The interconnections between religion, nationalism and collective violence; Opposition of religious revivalists to secular nationalism; The creation of national churches; The attempts to appropriate the nation for religious and even theocratic goals

Plenary speakers included: Prof. Bruce Kapferer (UCL) – Nationalism, religion and resistance; Christoper Cviic (Royal Institute of International Affairs) – Chosen peoples and sacred territories; Prof. John Armstrong (University of Wisconsin-Madison) – Religious nationalism and violence; Prof. Eileen Baker (LSE) – The National and other religions; Prof. Sami Zubaida (Birkbeck) – Religious nationalism and the nation-state; Prof. Liah Greenfield (Boston University) – Religious nationalism and the nation-state

Organised by: Gabriella Elgenius with Bea Lewkowicz and Joanna Michlic-Coren

5th Conference: The resurgence of nationalism II: ethnic conflict and international security (1995)

Topics included: The impact of nationalism on society and states (1); The practical and ethical dimensions of ethnic conflict management (2)

Plenary speakers included: Prof. Ralph Premdas (University of West Indies); Dr. Richard Fardon (SOAS); Prof. E. Tiryakian (Duke University); Prof. B. Harff (US Naval Academy); Dr. Alexis Heraclides (Panteoin University); Prof. Ted Gurr (University of Maryland); Prof. John Mayall (LSE); Prof. S. Avineri (Hebrew University)

Organised by: Dominique Jacquin with Bruce Cauthen

4th Conference: The resurgence of nationalism: ethnic conflict and secession (1994)

Topics included: The nature of secessionist and irredentist movements ; The bases and causes of ethnic conflict; Understanding the current proliferation of ethnic conflicts

Plenary speakers included: Prof. Donald Horowitz; Dr. Mark Simpson; Prof. Michael Hechter; Dr Jan Penrose; Prof. Naomi Chazan; Prof. Akbar S. Ahmed; Dr Tamara Dragadze; Michael Ignatieff; Tom Nairn

Organised by: Jessica Jacobson with Atsuko Ichijo

3rd Conference: Race and Nation (1993)

Topics included: Ethnic and racial cleavages in the formations and dissolution of nations in the modern world; Nation-building and racial nationalism; Immigration and multi-culturalism

Plenary speakers included: Prof. Pierre van den Berghe; Prof. Manning Marable; Prof. George Mosse; Prof. John Rex; Prof. Cythnia Enloe; Prof. Michael Banton; Prof. Bhikhu Parekh; Prof. A. Sivanandan; Prof. John Stone; Prof. Peter Pulzer

Organised by: Athena Leoussi

2nd Conference: European community and national identity (1992)

Topics included: The forging of a European identity ; A Europe of ethnies;

Plenary speakers included: Johan Galtung; Philip Schlesinger; Juliet Lodge; Lawrence Freedman; Walker Connor; Miroslav Hroch; George Schopflin; Rosalyn Higgins

Organised by: Natividad Gutierrez, Anthony D. Smith, Danille Efraim, Alison Palmer and Judith Russell

1st Conference: Nationalism in a post-Marxist world: contemporary reflections (1991)

Topics included: The dissemination of national consciousness among ethnic groups; The new conditions for the emergence of ethnonationalist movements; The future viability of the nation-state

Plenary speakers included: Anthony D. Smith; Ernest Gellner; Raymond Pearson; Eric Hobsbawm; John Keane; Anthony Giddens

Organised by: Natividad Gutierrez and Daniele Conversi