Lars-Erik Cederman: The Anthony D. Smith Lecture 2024

Lars-Erik Cederman: The Anthony D. Smith Lecture 2024

The 2024 Anthony D. Smith Lecture will be given by Lars-Erik Cederman.

The Lecture is public and open to all, and will be streamed on Facebook and YouTube. More details, including a title and abstract, will be available closer to the time. The Lecture takes place alongside the 2024 ASEN Conference on Nationalism and Memory.

About Lars-Erik Cederman

Lars-Erik Cederman is professor of international conflict research at ETH Zürich. He is the author of Emergent Actors in World Politics: How States and Nations Develop and Dissolve (Princeton University Press, 1997), and co-author of Inequality, Grievances and Civil War (with Kristian Gleditsch and Halvard Buhaug; Cambridge University Press, 2013), and Sharing Power, Securing Peace? Ethnic Inclusion and Civil War (with Simon Hug and Julian Wucherpfennig; Cambridge University Press 2022). He has published many articles in scholarly journals, such as the American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, International Organization, World Politics, American Journal of Sociology, and Science. His main research interests include nationalism, state formation and conflict processes.