Conference 2023: Nationalism and Multiculturalism


Welcome to the 2023 ASEN Conference on Nationalism and Multiculturalism at the University of Loughborough!

Today’s schedule

0900-0930 – Coffee and pastries

0930-1100 – Panel session F

F1 – National belonging
F2 – History
F3 – Media, culture and nationalism
F4 – Colonialism and post-colonialism

1100-1130 – Break

1130-1300 – Panel session G

G1 – Diversity
G2 – National education 2
G3 – Indigenous peoples and the nation

1400-1530 – Plenary 3: Tariq Modood and Sivamohan Valluvan in conversation

1530-1545 – Closing

Conference survey

We’ll be posting the link to the conference survey here on Wednesday – we’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment to fill it in!

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