Nationalism and Memory The ASEN Conference 2024 University of Edinburgh 9th to 11th April A strip of the University of Edinburgh Tartan with a semi-circular cut-out on the left hand side with the purple ASEN logo


The conference dinner will take place at Cafe Andaluz, 10-11 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EE, just 250m from the conference venue, and is priced at £40, not including drinks.

The menus follow below; the items are tapas and are all included in the menu. Each menu also includes a desert – details to follow. Although we aren’t expecting any, the menus are subject to change.

If you have dietary requirements that aren’t covered by what’s below or you need more information, please email us.

Standard Menu

Tabla de Ibéricos – A mixed platter of Serrano ham, aged Iberico Chorizo, Lomo & Manchego cheese
Tajine de cordero – Tagine of lamb shoulder, slow-cooked with paprika, cumin, tomatoes, cinnamon, honey, sultanas & apricots
Patatas gratinadas – Layers of sliced potato baked with garlic cream & mozzarella cheese
Gambas pil pil – Hot roast king prawns with olive oil, chilli, paprika and garlic
Pollo al ajillo – A classic Spanish dish of chicken thighs cooked with garlic, rosemary & red chillies in chicken stock
Calamares – Crisp-fried classic calamari served with fresh lemon and smoked paprika alioli

Vegetarian menu

Plato vegetariano – Mixed platter of Spanish tortilla with Pixto salsa, Ensalada Andaluza, Pan Catalan and Padrón peppers
Ensalada de lentejas – Puy lentil salad with red peppers, carrots, red onion, mint & cucumber with honey & mustard vinaigrette
Berenjena al horno – Baked aubergine, pomegranate dressing, mint yoghurt and pomegranate seeds
Patatas bravas – Fried cubed potatoes with spicy tomato sauce

Vegan menu

Pimientos de padrón – Padrón peppers are a strong flavoured small green pepper, seared in a pan & sprinkled with coarse sea salt
Ensalada fresca de Mallorca – Butter beans salad with roasted sweet potato, red onion, cherry tomatoes, coriander, parsley, pomegranate seeds & fresh mint with sherry vinaigrette
Berenjena al horna vegana – Baked aubergine, pomegranate dressing & pomegranate seeds
Espárragos a la parilla – Grilled asparagus topped with crushed black pepper

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