Nationalism and Memory The ASEN Conference 2024 University of Edinburgh 9th to 11th April A strip of the University of Edinburgh Tartan with a semi-circular cut-out on the left hand side with the purple ASEN logo

Conference Sponsor: Genealogy



We are grateful to Genealogy for their support of the conference.

Genealogy is an international, scholarly, peer-reviewed, open access journal devoted to the analysis of genealogical narratives (with applications to family, ancestry, race/ethnic, gender, migration, and indigenous studies) and scholarship that uses genealogical perspectives and methodologies to examine historical processes and paterns of human association.

Genealogy covers every region of the world and all periods of time. By bringing together research and scholarship that examine family, generational, ethnic, ancestral, and national bonds, Genealogy offers a unique platform for focused consideration of the evolution and persistence of genealogical bonds, as a distinct category of human/social relations, and their impact and reciprocal effect on cultural, legal, political–territorial, and economic phenomena. Genealogy publishes reviews, original research articles, and essays, as well as Special Issues on particular subjects.

Publish open access with Genealogy – fully waived discounts are available to scholars without funding support.

Visit the Genealogy website for more information.

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