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Abstract guidance

ASEN Conferences are topic-based instead of discipline-based. Thus, we accept abstracts from all disciplines and methodological backgrounds such as anthropology, political theory, large quantitative studies, etc.

The selection committee is composed of experts from many different disciplines and we welcome both descriptive and prescriptive abstracts. Therefore, there is no single way to write an abstract that will be accepted.
Nevertheless, the conference committee values abstracts that explicitly state their theoretical framework, that make clear its analytical points, that mention their methodology, that explain their contribution to their field and that set out their case studies and time frame. Interdisciplinary research is welcomed and encouraged.

Please abstain from sending descriptive abstracts that simply explain an interesting case study. Instead, summarise the case in two or three lines and explain your analytical points and methodology.

Abstracts should be of up to 250 words; if you wish to include references, they do not count towards this limit. Abstracts should be submitted online at Abstracts are reviewed completely anonymously.

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