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Given Name Zeinep
Family Name Abetova
Affiliation Kazakhstan
Position Associate of Professor (Department of sociology), Eurasian National University
Interests nationalism, multiculturalism
Given Name Larissa
Family Name Abou Harb
Affiliation College of Social Sciences and International Studies at the University of Exeter
Position PhD Candidate
Interests National Identity Building in Ethnically Divided Societies
Given Name NISE
Family Name Administrator
Given Name Khamis
Family Name Almuqeemi
Given Name Gustavo
Family Name Alves Santana
Affiliation Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Interests Nationalism, genocide, secession, Kurds in Iraq
Given Name Emre
Family Name Amasyali
Given Name Michael
Family Name Amoah
Affiliation The London School of Economics and Political Science
Position Senior Visiting Fellow
Interests Theories of Nationalism; International Relations Theory; African Politics; Elections
Given Name Johan
Family Name Andersen
Given Name Gil
Family Name Anidjar
Given Name Sebastian
Family Name Antoine
Given Name Marco
Family Name Antonsich
Given Name Diana
Family Name Appelbaum
Given Name Gal
Family Name Ariely
Given Name Luis
Family Name Asua
Given Name Aldi Nur Fadil
Family Name Auliya
Given Name Cormac
Family Name Auty
Interests Cities, nationalism, identity, culture, democratisation of knowledge
Given Name Suna G.
Family Name Aydemir
Given Name Kaveh
Family Name Azarhoosh