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Given Name Divya
Family Name Padmanabhan
Given Name Razmik
Family Name Panossian
Given Name Milán
Family Name Pap
Affiliation National University of Public Service, Budapest
Position research fellow
Interests left nationalisms, nationalism and communism, Eastern Europe, internationalism and patriotism, postcolonialism, anti-racism
Given Name Antonis
Family Name Pastellopoulos
Given Name Davor
Family Name Pauković
Given Name Tamara
Family Name Pavasovic Trost
Given Name Simon
Family Name Payaslian
Given Name Linda
Family Name Pedersen
Given Name Morten
Family Name Pedersen
Given Name Yoav
Family Name Peled
Given Name Giovanni
Family Name Pelegi Torres
Given Name Ivan
Family Name Pepic
Given Name Roi
Family Name Pérez Boquete
Given Name Paolo
Family Name Perri
Given Name Pille
Family Name Petersoo
Given Name Pille
Family Name Petersoo
Affiliation University of Tallinn, Estonia
Position Lecturer
Interests national identity, nationalism, food and identity, discourse
Given Name Petros
Family Name Petrikkos
Given Name Vassilis
Family Name Petsinis
Given Name Falco
Family Name Pfalzgraf
Affiliation Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)
Position Senior Lecturer in German Linguistics
Given Name Alena
Family Name Pfoser
Given Name Marcin
Family Name Pielużek
Affiliation University of Wrocław
Position adjunct
Interests far-right, extreme right, Polish extreme right, social network analysis
Given Name Eunike
Family Name Piwoni
Given Name Vesna
Family Name Popovski
Given Name Jennifer
Family Name Popowycz
Given Name Michael
Family Name Potter
Given Name Isabelle
Family Name Powell
Given Name Isabelle
Family Name Powell
Given Name Efthalia
Family Name Prokopiou
Given Name Dragana
Family Name Prvulovic
Given Name Sam
Family Name Pryke
Given Name ROLUAH
Family Name PUIA
Given Name Magdalena
Family Name Pycinska
Affiliation Institute of the Middle and Far East, Jagiellonian University
Position Assistant Professor
Interests nationalism, Palestinian nationalism, settler colonialism, religion, racialization, new materiality and nationalism, Islam