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Given Name Bogdan-George
Family Name Radulescu
Affiliation Faculty of Political, Administration and Communication Studies, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Position Associated professor
Interests Studies on ethnicity and nationalism, Relation between religion and political violence, security studies
Given Name Salman
Family Name Rafi
Given Name Jake
Family Name Rainbow
Affiliation University of Hertfordshire
Position PhD Candidate
Given Name Peter
Family Name Ramand
Given Name Maiz
Family Name Ramon
Given Name Samuel
Family Name Raus
Given Name Krish
Family Name Raval
Given Name John
Family Name Rees
Given Name Mohona
Family Name Reza
Given Name Miltiadis
Family Name Rizakis
Given Name Alys
Family Name Roberts
Given Name Maxwell
Family Name Rollins
Given Name Evgeny
Family Name Romanovskiy
Given Name BRIAN
Family Name ROPER
Given Name michael
Family Name Rosie
Given Name Přemysl
Family Name Rosůlek
Given Name Victor
Family Name Roudometof
Given Name Daniel
Family Name Rueda Toledano
Given Name Peter
Family Name Rutland