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Given Name Reda
Family Name Mahajar
Given Name Indrasish
Family Name Majumder
Given Name Sinisa
Family Name Malesevic
Affiliation University College, Dublin
Position Professor of Sociology
Interests nation-states, nationalisms, empires, the Balkans, war and violence, theories of nationalism
Given Name Danilo
Family Name Mandic
Affiliation Harvard University
Position Harvard University
Interests nationalism, separatism, ethnic relations, civil war, organized crime, Balkans, Middle East, West Africa
Given Name Keenan
Family Name Manning
Affiliation Concordia University
Position Doctoral student
Given Name pavan
Family Name mano
Given Name Ramzy
Family Name Mansour
Given Name Ramzy
Family Name Mansour
Given Name Sofia
Family Name Marchetti
Given Name Alex
Family Name Marshall
Given Name Marije
Family Name Martens
Given Name Melissa
Family Name Martins Casagrande
Given Name Jon-Wyatt
Family Name Matlack
Affiliation Universität Regensburg
Position PhD Candidate
Interests Western Identity, Armed Conflict, Military in Society, The Cold War, Area Studies and Transnational History
Given Name Antonia
Family Name May
Given Name Matt
Family Name McGinn
Given Name Cathal
Family Name McManus
Affiliation Queen's University Belfast
Position Lecturer
Interests Nationalism; National Conflict; Identity
Given Name Michael
Family Name Merrigan
Given Name Zehra
Family Name Miah
Given Name M. Bashir
Family Name Mobasher
Given Name mansor
Family Name mohdnoor
Given Name Jonathan
Family Name Montville
Given Name JinYoung
Family Name Moon
Given Name Raúl
Family Name Moreno Almendral
Affiliation University of Salamanca
Position Assistant Professor of Modern and Contemporary History
Interests Spain, Britain, France, Portugal, Americas, 19th century, personal nationalism
Given Name Dijana
Family Name Mujkanović
Affiliation Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh
Position PhD Candidate
Interests intergroup contact; ethnic relations; ethnonationalism; Balkans; Middle East
Given Name Malena
Family Name Müller
Given Name Marlene
Family Name Mussotter
Given Name Hannah
Family Name Myott
Affiliation University of Vienna, Department of Cultural & Social Anthropology
Position PhD student
Interests national identity, racism, United States, Austria, refugee policy, civilizationism, nativism, whiteness