Nations and Nationalism

Anthony D. Smith Article Prize

The Wiley Blackwell Annual Article Prize in Honour of Anthony D. Smith was established in 2018 to commemorate the enormous contributions he made to the study of nationalism. Read more about Anthony D. Smith.

The Prize is awarded to an outstanding article published in Nations and Nationalism. Nominations are made by the editorial board and are reviewed by the prize committee.

Previous Winners:


Milou van Hout

“In search of the nation in Fiume: Irredentism, cultural nationalism, borderlands”

Published in Vol 26 Issue 3


William Kerr

“The descent of nations: social evolutionary theory, modernism and ethnosymbolism”

Published in Vol 25 Issue 1


Miles Larmer and Baz Lecocq

“Historicising Nationalism in Africa”

Published in Vol 24 Issue 4