Nations and Nationalism

Exchange Guidelines

The purpose of the Exchange feature is to publish discussions that engage, advance and initiate new debates in the study of nations and nationalism. It aims to serve as a platform that fosters provoking conversations from diverse perspectives that speak to contemporary moments and phenomena. We are keen to invite academics at various stages of their career with expertise in a broad range of social sciences to contribute to Exchange.

Exchange will normally consist of four contributions, perhaps including one or two of the Journals Editorial Team, on cutting-edge scholarly questions or a contemporary global concern related to the study of nations and nationalism. At least one of the editorial team will work out a series of questions with the contributors and introduce the feature. Each contribution to the discussion will amount to approximately 2,000 words (including endnotes and references), so that the total length of the feature will be about 8,000-10,000 words.

Review process: The Exchange section will be reviewed by two members of the Editorial Team.

Submission Process: Each contribution should be submitted to the Managing Editor via General Nations and Nationalism guidelines with regards to manuscript preparation apply.