Nations and Nationalism

Dominique Jacquin-Berdal Essay Prize

ASEN and Nations & Nationalism established an essay prize in honour of the memory of Dominique Jacquin-Berdal who was a devoted member of ASEN and an Editor of Nations & Nationalism.

The essay prize was established to encourage young scholars to publish original research in ethnicity and nationalism. Submissions are invited on all areas and themes in the field of nationalism studies.

The prize will be awarded for the best article submitted. The winning article will be announced at annual ASEN Conference.

The prize will include a sum of £250 and 2 years’ free membership of ASEN, and may lead to publication of the article in Nations & Nationalism.

Submissions may be made by currently enrolled post-graduate students and those who have submitted their thesis within five years of the submission deadline.

The deadline for submissions for the next edition of the prize is 30 November 2023.

All submissions must be submitted online at Nations & Nationalism’s ScholarOne Manuscript site. If you cannot submit online please contact the Seeta Persaud in the Editorial Office by email ( More information on the Wiley website.

Submission procedure:

Articles must be submitted in English and in the Nations & Nationalism house style (‘Harvard’ system). Please refer to the guidelines for contributors.

Submissions must be accompanied by an official letter from the author’s supervisor confirming status and eligibility.

An author may only submit one article for consideration for the prize.
Co-authored articles will not be considered.
The Prize Committee reserves the right not to award a prize in any given year.

2023 Winner:

Niamatullah Ibrahimi

The state, identity politics and ethnic boundaries in Afghanistan: The case of Sunni Hazaras

Published in Vol 29 Issue 2

Previous Winners:


Zeynep Tuba Sungur

Nation as conceptualised in Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Published in Vol 28 Issue 3


Matvey Lomonosov

‘Ethnic memories’ from above? The Kosovo myth among the South Slavs and minimalist ethnosymbolism

Published in Vol 27 Issue 4


Idreas Khandy

No place for ‘Kashmiri’ in Kashmiri nationalism

Published in Vol 27 Issue 1



Unsettled autonomy: Ethnicity, tribes and subnational politics in Mizoram, North-east India

Published in Vol 27 Issue 2


Ilker Corut

Ethno-political subordination and patient dissatisfaction:  The Kurdish case in Hakkari during the AKP Period in Turkey, 2003-2013

Published in Vol 26 Issue 3


Uma Pradhan

“‘To love your jati is to love your country’: Nationalism, ethnicity, and simultaneous identities in Nepal

Published in Nations and Nationalism, Vol 25 Issue 2


Tamara Pavasovic Trost

Ruptures and Continuities in Ethno-National Discourse: Reconstructing the Nation through History Textbooks in Serbia and Croatia

Published in Nations and Nationalism, Vol 24 Issue 3


Simon Halink

Noble heathens: Jón Jónsson Aðils and the problem of Iceland’s pagan past

Published in Nations and Nationalism, Vol 23 Issue 3


Richard Warren

Charles Gleyre’s ‘Les Romains’: Classics and nationalism in Swiss art

Published in Nations and Nationalism, Vol 22 Issue 2


Martin Beckstein

Nation Building in Contemporary Germany: The Strange Conversion of Hitler’s Word Made of Stone

Published in Nations and Nationalism, Vol. 19 Issue 4


Fiona Rose Greenland

The Parthenon Marbles as Icons of Nationalism

Published in Nations and Nationalism, Vol. 19 Issue 4


David Pettinicchio

Migration and Ethnic Nationalism: Anglophone Exit and the ‘Decolonization’ of Québec

Published in Nations and Nationalism, Vol.19 Issue 1


Marc Scully

The tyranny of transnational discourse: ‘Authenticity’ and Irish diasporic identity in Ireland and England”.

Published in Nations and Nationalism Vol. 18 Issue 2


Mariana Kriel

Culture and power: The rise of Afrikaner nationalism revisited”.

Published in Nations and Nationalism, Vol. 16 Issue 3


Robert Schertzer

Recognition or Imposition? Federalism, National Minorities, and the Supreme Court of Canada”.

Published in Nations and Nationalism, Vol. 14 Issue 1


Jonathan Fox

From national inclusion to economic exclusion: ethnic Hungarian migration and the redefinition of the nation

Published in Nations and Nationalism, Volume 13 Issue 1


Erol Ulker

Contextualising ‘Turkification’: Nation-building in the Late Ottoman Empire, 1908-1918

Published in Nations and Nationalism, Volume 11 Issue 4


Takeshi Nakano

Theorising Economic Nationalism

Published in Nations and Nationalism, Volume 10 Issue 3